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We know Noosa and The Sunshine Coast. For safety reasons, it is important to maintain your sports courts (tennis, basketball, netball) spotless and hazard-free.

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The Best Tennis Court Pressure Washing Service In Noosa, and The Sunshine Coast

Noosa Heads Pressure Cleaning is committed to 100% customer satisfaction!

Want to make your netball, basketball, or tennis court look amazing?

Noosa Heads Pressure Cleaning’s service is available to assist you if your tennis, netball, or basketball courts require some attention. Since 2009, we have helped numerous establishments such as schools, clubs, resorts, and private tennis court owners in Noosa, and The Sunshine Coast in making their properties maintain their original condition.

No job is considered too big or too small. Our team can handle any job, from a single court to a sports club with multiple courts across a property and bring them back to their original conditions.

Our tennis court cleaning experts have the ability to remove all stains and different debris without causing damage to the surface of the court using specialised products and environment-friendly cleaning products. Players will enjoy a smooth, even playing surface that allows them to play at their best.

You will enjoy your court more, and you’ll spend less time worrying. For a free quote, contact us today

The Many Benefits of Professional Tennis Court Cleaning Noosa

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Synthetic Grass Tennis Court Cleaning

Noosa Heads Pressure Cleaning tennis court cleaners are available to clean your tennis courts throughout the year, whether you have one or many tennis courts and whether they are for private or public use. Regularly cleaning your tennis court will result in the following:

Enhance your Court’s Appearance

You must keep your courts clean if you want them to look their best and last for many years to come. Uncleaned tennis courts are not only unattractive, but also can cause serious damage to your playing surface and can become hazardous to players.

Playability can be compromised when leaves and other debris are stuck in cracks and crevices, which can worsen when these elements were not successfully eliminated immediately..

Shaded courts or prolonged rain can cause moss and mould to grow beneath the surface. This can lead to slip hazards and breeding grounds of bacteria.

Enhance Playing conditions

Playability can also be affected by moss and mould on tennis courts. Moss growth can make it harder for the player to get through the grass to intercept the ball from the opponent. Moss also reduces the ball’s bounce and limits your movement on the court.

Tennis court walls are cool and moist so they are the perfect breeding grounds for moulds and spores vegetation ensues. These spores can cause allergic reactions if inhaled, especially by the players.

Extending Tennis Court’s Service Life can also save money

Our professional cleaners can remove debris and contaminants from your tennis courts surface. This will ensure that there are fewer cracks that encourage mould and moss growth.

This will enable you to stretch your tennis court’s lifespan due to the fact that there will be fewer repairs needed in the future that might hurt your budget.

Not only that! Saving money will be a major benefit of well-maintained tennis courts because it will allow them to be used more often, with better stringing, less damage and weathering, as well as lower risk of getting slipped on.

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Tennis Court Cleaning Peregian Beach

The Best Way to Clean Tennis Court Surfaces

You may be enticed to do your tennis court cleaning yourself or tap the services of an unprofessional cleaner to get the job done. However, you will never get the result as good as when you hire professional tennis court cleaners such as Noosa Heads Pressure Cleaning.

Tennis court cleaning needs a combination of special tools, experience, and time. We have more than 10 years of tennis court cleaning experience in Noosa up our sleeves which allows us to know the right technique to use when cleaning different tennis courts within Noosa as well as the surrounding areas. We clean:

Synthetic Grass Tennis Courts

Infills are used to protect your synthetic tennis court’s foundation and keep the blades straight. Your synthetic grass tennis court’s foundation will last longer thanks to infills.

This means that synthetic grass tennis courts cannot be washed with high-pressure water because excessive pressure could cause infills to deteriorate and fall off.

Instead, we use a soft washing process that is safe and made specifically effective for synthetic grass tennis courts.

Hard Surface Tennis Courts

While extremely durable and low-maintenance, hard surface tennis courts offer a great environment for mould growth, as well as being more exposed to dirt, dust, and moss.

We meticulously spray our mixture of eco-friendly as well as specialised solutions onto the court. Once it has sat for a few minutes, we then gently spray it onto all the walls of the tennis court to get rid of the mould and other moss. Lastly, we wipe everything away using specialised brooms with soft bristles.

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Acrylic Tennis Courts

Our team at Noosa Heads Pressure Cleaning knows acrylic tennis courts to be sensitive, have a specific amount of grit infused into the surface, and also slip resistant.

Pressure cleaning acrylic courts reduces their playability and service life. Further, traditional pressure washing applications can leave visible lines from pressure cleaners that take away the court’s overall appeal.

Hence, we integrate our non-pressure cleaning prowess so that we can provide the best tennis court cleaning possible. This results in an acrylic court that retains its original colour and lustre without causing any damage to the surface.

We are also experts in cleaning other types of tennis courts such as concrete, asphalt, and mixed types of courts.

Basketball, Netball, and School courts

We can also service school facilities like playgrounds, courtyards, netball, basketball, and other types. Give us a call if you have any questions. There are good chances that the surface can be cleaned by our team if it can take water.

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We also offer other exterior cleaning services

All throughout Noosa, and The Sunshine Coast regions, we have the mastery of the high-quality service of the following:

Noosa Heads Pressure Cleaning Tennis Court Cleaning Procedure

This is what you can expect from our professional driveway cleaning team in Noosa when you give us a call:

Evaluation of your Tennis (Netball or Basketball) Court

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The initial step is to determine the type of surface you have. Also, identify any potential concerns such as mould, discolouration, or moss growth, among others. This initial assessment can be made over the telephone with the aid of Google Earth.

To identify potential areas that need extra attention, we begin the tennis court cleaning process by physically inspecting your court. To make sure your court surfaces are clean and free from mould, we develop a tennis court cleaning strategy.

Sweeping of Surface Debris

At this point, we focus on removing all loose leaves, debris, and other particles from the tennis court walls prior to eliminating mould and moss buildup.

Soft washing

A special soft-washing equipment is used to apply cleaning solutions on the tennis court walls, wherein most of the moss and mould have already settled. This gentle cleaning approach allows the solution to be applied on the tennis court’s problem area sans the damage.

Removal of Residues

Once the cleaning solutions have extricated the annoying mould or moss, we wipe them out of the tennis court walls and remove any residues using our soft brushes.


We then sanitise the tennis court and apply a sealer as the last step. This helps prevent future moss or mould growth. The sealer protects the tennis court from UV rays and other damage that can be caused by regular playing.

There are many factors that influence how long it takes to clean a tennis court and these include the type of material the court is made of and the amount of mould or moss growth.

A normal tennis court cleaning from start to finish typically takes around five hours. For a more accurate and detailed estimate of the cleaning duration from beginning to end, our professional cleaners can thoroughly inspect your tennis court.

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Why Choose Our Team for Your Tennis Court Clean Noosa


We at Noosa Heads Pressure Cleaning are a well-known family-owned pressure and external cleaning business with 10+ years of experience tucked under our belt, serving different clients with pressure washing and exterior cleaning services all over The Sunshine Coast.

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Quality and Affordable Services

We know our customers are looking for high-quality service at affordable rates. Also, we don’t offer any costly extra services with our tennis court cleaning. To ensure that you work only with the best, we only hire qualified and fully trained cleaners to do pressure and external cleaning and who use the most recent and effective cleaning techniques and equipment.

Eco-friendly Solutions

We only use eco-friendly, safe cleaning products that can be used by everyone without causing any harm.

Professionals with full insurance

Accidents happen all the time and they can be inevitable sometimes but our liability insurance is our safety net against these occurrences while performing our cleaning job.

Flexible Services Schedule-

We work around you! For commercial clients, we are very mindful of minimising disruptions to your business operations!

Noosa Heads Pressure Cleaning is serving clients when it suits them – even through holidays. We recognize that every customer’s needs are unique. We are flexible in our scheduling to cater your tennis court cleaning needs. Our team will also clean your court during a time when there would be minimal impact to any tennis playing schedule. We can adjust to your schedule and come to your club during off-season weeks and can clean school courts during school holidays. Our main goal is to achieve customer satisfaction in every job that we do which makes us among the leaders in this industry servicing Noosa, and The Sunshine Coast regions.

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